Site Security

Site security

When shopping online you need to feel confident that your details are being treated with respect and your security not being compromised. We are confident that the way we have developed this site and the payment partners we have contracted will ensure this to be the case.

We can assure you that none of your financial information or credit cards details will be taken on this site. We have partnered with PayGate who have secure environments where all your card details will be stored and ensure we comply with the necessary ecommerce regulations. All your data entry is on secure pages that you can identify from the padlock or change in colour of the URL depending upon the browser you use.

Data protection

Whenever you buy from G3Technology we will always respect the privacy of your personal details and account information. We only store the information that you submitted when you created an account with us, and we will never divulge this information to a third party. In addition, you will always have the right to access and modify any data about you that is held by us, and request to delete your account should you so wish. If you have any questions about site security or data protection, then please don’t hesitate to e-mail us through our contact page.